Staples Family Artwork

When I first walked into the Staples family home I immediately got a glimpse of one of its greatest features — the wall of windows overlooking a wooded back yard.  It is gorgeous and picturesque on it’s own but there was a blank wall in the room that begged for some art.  They already thought out the most appropriate image for the space — a tree with a treehouse. And they knew they wanted a purple-tinted monochromatic drawing — not a painting.  From there, they turned over their ideas for me to turn into reality.  And voila!  This is it.  The finished piece is very large scale -6ft by 3ft- custom-framed and mimics the size of the windows on the adjoining wall.  My favorite part of this might be the ‘Staples Family’ engraving on the tree trunk and the added meaning from this personal touch.


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