Jasper is Two

My sweet Jasper Quinn.  My fiercely independent, angelic, charismatic little two-year-old. I’m only uploading a few photos in this post and even though I’m about a month and a half late with it, I couldn’t skip this quick celebration of Jasper’s second birthday — and side-by-side comparison from last year.  What a wild year this has been in just about every sense of the word.  Somedays I catch myself longing for more moments of calm, of stillness, of quiet.  For more time to soak in the ridiculously busy season of life we are in.  But time is the one thing that doesn’t stop to pause.  So I’m hanging on with both hands, steering where I can, throwing my hands up in the air when I can’t and enjoying every second of the beautiful ride that this little guy has me on.


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