About Anna


Hi there!  I’m Anna. Part-time graphic designer, momma and wife, and in the extra time between, an artist and photographer here in Kansas City.

I spent my college years majoring in graphic design, studying photography abroad in both Italy and China and studying fine art in Paris, France.
I have spent the many years since doing graphic design and marketing in the corporate world, and photography and artwork in my remaining time.

From the goofy to the serious, the most candid looks to the most genuine moments.  My deepest draw and greatest desire is capturing these precious, sacred, fleeting moments for others.  Then taking those photographs even further, transforming them into conceptual pieces of art — artography.



The Artwork:
There is an energy in the handmade.  An energy that is void in mass produced goods.  There is an aura, a radiance that fills a space.  A rawness that affects a room.  A single piece of art is a base for fresh design – a springboard of decor to renovate around.  Or, it’s a piece that closes a void — an empty place yearning to be filled with a final touch, harmonizing existing decorative elements together in unity.

The Photograph:
There is an imaginative quality that plays into a photograph. A  photographers creative assembling of elements, capturing the essence of the story.  A viewers interpretation of the story that is captured.  The amazing thing about imagination is it adds color to our reality.  Creativity joining with magical moments.  Seeing the magic, feeling the emotion, a single photograph capturing — encompassing all that is good, all that is pure, all that is deep.  An emotion, a moment, a slice out of time — that cannot be explained in words

The Digital Artwork, Photo+Art Fusion:
There is a transformation that occurs in this digital art fusion.  Clutching onto a moment and taking it to a decorative place.  A more artistic place.  A conceptual collaboration between fine art and photography.  A fusion of creative elements providing a timeless display of artwork.  A piece that remains modern throughout the years but holds in it a pure personal connection back to a moment, an age, a slice of history.  A future heirloom to be treasured.  A visual celebration of both the tangible and intangible elements in life.